Fast, fun and interesting facts about Yorkshire Terriers

  • A male Yorkshire Terrier is more likely to bond with a female member of the household, and a female Yorkie is more likely to bond with a male family member. I have personally experienced this in my own house with our Yorkies and I have also seen it with within some of my family and friends. 
  • Yorkies have no undercoat and therefore don't shed although hair can come out if pulled by brushing.
  • Yorkies may be aggressive towards other dogs and some Yorkies may be wary of strangers.
  • Yorkies are energetic dogs. They don't need much exercise but enjoy playing or going for a walk. Yorkies do well without a yard and are excellent for apartment life as they are generally active indoors.
  • Yorkies were originally bred to catch rats in shafts.
  • Yorkies have a bold personality and an instinct to protect so they will jump up to the challenge of being top dog. They have a lot of self-confidence.
  • Yorkies should have a black nose as well as black eye-rims, paw-pads, lips and nails.
  • Yorkies tend to be quite picky with foods (does depend on the dog).
  • Yorkshire terriers became fashionable pets late Victorian era. They have since been in the top toy breeds in all the major kennel clubs around the world as a very popular dog.  Yorkies are ranked the number 1 most popular dog with KUSA in South Africa.
  • Films that Yorkies appeared in include Funny Face, A Fish Called Wanda, Meet the Fockers, Daltry Colhoun and Urban Legend.
  • Yorkies have been owned by famous people such as Brett Favre, Bruce Willis, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Hilary Duff, Paris Hilton to name a few.
  • Smaller breeds of dog such as the Yorkie mature faster than larger dog breeds and all dogs have identical anatomy with 42 permanent teeth and 321 bones.
  • All Yorkshire terrier puppies are born without teeth but have twenty-eight by four to eight weeks of age. They lose these between four to seven months of age, replaced by their forty-two permanent teeth.