A few more fast facts about Yorkshire Terriers

  • If you like small dogs with big dog attitudes, you may want to consider a Yorkshire Terrier. Yorkies are so sure that they are just as big and bad as the other guy that they will not hesitate to take on a Great Dane. Of course, this doesn't mean that Yorkshire Terriers aren't lap dogs. The Yorkie can cuddle with the best of them.


  • Yorkshire Terriers are amazingly versatile and very clever – dependant on what you teach your Yorkie can learn to play ball – soccer (yes mine do!), swim, fetch and even climb a tree!


  • It is very, very unhealthy for Yorkies to be overweight because an extra 500grams on a Yorkshire Terrier is the equivalent of an extra 10 kilograms on an average human.


  • Although Yorkies can be as small as 1 kilogram (this is very rare), most breeders do not recommend trying to breed dogs this tiny, and for good reason. When dogs are bred to be this tiny, health is often sacrificed for size and weight.


  • Yorkshire Terriers have long flowing coats of silver, blue steel or black hair, with tan on their heads, faces and legs. Yorkie puppies are all born with black and tan colouring. The Yorkie has dark, bright, intelligent eyes.  The Yorkie’s true coat colour normally only surfaces at around two years old.


  • The Yorkshire Terrier is an ideal apartment dog. Of course, your Yorkie would enjoy having a yard to run in, but he can survive without it.  You would need to take it out for some play and running around time though!  Although Yorkies love daily walks you can also look for ways to help him get some exercise indoors, such as playing an indoor game of fetch.


  • If you do have a garden, be sure that there are no gaps under the fence, as Yorkies love to explore. Since Yorkies are so small and cute, a Yorkshire Terrier doesn't always have a chance to get back home before a passer-by takes it home.  They get stolen very easily - rather be safe than sorry!


  • Yorkshire Terriers are sociable little dogs and enjoy being in the midst of all the activity and bustle of family life. Yorkshire Terriers must be allowed to live indoors. They cannot tolerate heat or cold. Besides, they are much happier with their family.


  • Be careful with Yorkies and small children - not because Yorkies are untrustworthy with children, in fact, a Yorkshire Terrier with a good temperament will allow children to squeeze, poke and pull on him, but this is unfair as they are delicate little dogs and can be easily hurt.


  • Food for your Yorkshire Terrier will probably be your smallest expense. These little dogs don't eat much. However, don't spoil your puppy with soft food as he may refuse to eat dry food, which helps keep his teeth in good health.


  • Most Yorkies should be groomed at least once to twice a week to keep their hair from matting. Yorkies with silkier coats may only need to be groomed once a week. Also, since Yorkies are prone to dental problems, you should brush your dog's teeth several times a week.


  • If you want a small sized dog with plenty of spunk, then a Yorkie may JUST be the perfect breed for you!