The big question - MALE VS FEMALE?

The big question - MALE VS FEMALE?

Fact or fiction: Female yorkies are sweeter and more affectionate than male Yorkies?

I have found that male Yorkies are actually more affectionate, exuberant and attentive compared to females. Male Yorkies tend to seek your attention and are very attached to their owners. Most female Yorkies will come to you for attention, but when they have had enough, they will move away like human females it is on her terms J. Males tend to be waiting for your attention and get super excited about the attention. Individual personalities will vary.

Male Yorkies tend to bond better with the women in the family whilst female Yorkies tend to bond better with men in the home. Again, this is a generalization, but one that I have personally experienced and is something to consider. 

Fact or fiction: Female yorkies are more docile as compared to male yorkies?

In the dog pack, there is always an alpha male and an alpha female. Both alpha dogs determine the pecking order and compete to maintain and/or alter that order of their particular sex. Regardless of whether your Yorkshire Terriers have been neutered or spayed, the most common fights are between two females. I have female Yorkshire Terriers who cannot stand the sight of each other but very rarely will the boys get into a fight.

Fact or fiction: Female Yorkies are easier to train than male Yorkies?

Female Yorkies tend to be more independent and a little more stubborn whereas male Yorkies are more easily motivated by praise as they are so eager to please. However, a male Yorkie can be easily distracted during training, as they just want to get to playtime!

Fact or fiction: Female yorkies don’t display alpha behaviours such as humping and/or marking.

Yorkshire Terrier females tend to be a lot more determined on exerting their importance by taking part in alpha dog actions. Having said that I am lucky in that I don’t have 1 Yorkie (male or female) that humps but I unfortunately do have specific Yorkie females who can’t stand each other and will fight each other given half a chance. I have though personally seen both male and female Yorkies hump.


Just as Yorkie males will urinate on top of where another Yorkie male has (marking), Yorkie females will follow this same pattern. Yes, believe me, Yorkie females do mark - it is often a display of dominance. Neutered Yorkshire Terrier males seldom display secondary sexual conduct including humping / marking / raising their leg. Yorkie males which are neutered at a young age typically do not ever raise their leg to go to the bathroom.  It is simply not true though that Yorkshire Terrier males walk around and constantly lift their legs every 5 minutes - this is very far from the truth.

These behaviours depend on the individual dog and is not determined by whether it is male or female. Many of these behaviours are only exhibited when the household has multiple dogs. Some traits are never exhibited. 

Best advice is to neuter a male puppy before the age of 6months and chances of him lifting his leg are very minimal …


To Summarise:

Male and Female Yorkies both make excellent pets the one is not better suited to being a pet than the other. Some of these behaviours may never occur, particularly in a household that only has one pet. Each dog is an individual, and has individual personality characteristics just like people.  Choose the puppy that attracts to you the most … don’t ignore the gorgeous little fluff ball jumping up and down begging for you to pick him or her because of misinterpretation of opinions.