Parvo Virus (katgriep / catflu) and your Yorkshire Terrier puppy

Parvo virus is a highly infectious virus - also called cat flu but DOES NOT originate from cats. Parvo virus cannot affect humans. Pups often stop eating, vomit and have diarrhoea. The diarrhoea may be bloody. Parvo virus can be found in soil, in cracks, on clothing and blankets can be transmitted by humans who have being in contact with sick dogs. Dogs show signs of the disease within 3 to 7 days after contact with it and 91% of cases will end in death if not treated by a veterinarian. Cleaning of the environment, blankets, toys, even clothes and shoes with a product like F10 super concentrate (8ml F10 on 1L water) will kill Parvo. Hands can also be sprayed with F10 super concentrate of washed with F10 handwash.

Parvo is treated by fluid therapy as pups become dehydrated very quickly. Parvo cannot be cured by giving antibiotics alone as this only prevents secondary infections and does not kill the virus. Parvo affects the rapid dividing cells in the body eg the villi of the intestinal tract. Pups are also given electrolytes, glucose and a number of other supportive medications.


The only prevention is to vaccinate your dogs! Here at Aziza Yorkies our adult dogs are strictly vaccinated every year. When you get your Yorkie puppy from us, he / she would have had his/her first 6 week vaccination.  The recommended vaccination program is:


At 6 weeks of age            -              Nobivac 7in1

At 10 weeks of age          -              Nobivac 7in1

At 14 weeks of age          -              Nobivac 5in1 + Rabies

From then on yearly       -              Nobivac 5in1 + Rabies


In order to keep your Yorkie puppy as safe as possible, we recommend that you do not take him/her out to public places, schools, fields or put them in contact with unknown dogs until 3 weeks after his/her 3rd vaccination.