Yorkies in general

The Yorkie is alert, inquisitive, curious, energetic and full of beans, spirited, determined, fearless and so very sweet, loveable and cute. Yorkies are best described as a little dog with a big personality – fondly referred to as pocket rockets! The Yorkshire Terrier is the most popular breed in South Africa. They crave close physical contact, are very affectionate and follow you around the house like a shadow. Because they are terriers they will chase (and most likely catch!) any little creature (frogs, birds, geckos) that dashes past them. Yorkies are very affectionate and absolutely love to cuddle and sit on your lap.  They are not outside dogs – they live inside your home.


Our Yorkies are all of the above and more - we love our Yorkies and once you own one, you will never be sorry! Yorkies are amazing little companions that keep you entertained for hours - they always manage to get a smile on your face.