+ I've heard that Yorkies are prone to many illnesses?

+ Are Yorkies difficult to train?

+ Does my Yorkie need exercise?

+ How do I choose a healty Yorkie puppy?

+ I want a Pocket or a Tea-Cup Yorkie?

+ Grooming Yorkies?

+ How do I keep my Yorkie safe?

+ What vaccinations should my Yorkie puppy get?

+ Hoe weet ek kies ek 'n gesonde Yorkshire Terrier hondjie?

+ My child is allergic but wants a dog - I have heard that Yorkshire Terriers might be a good option?

+ Wat is die Yorkie se algemene temperament?

+ Are Yorkshire Terriers good watchdogs?

+ Wat is die regte kosse wat hul moet eet. Ek gee vir my Hill pille asook witvleis van hoender. Ek het egter gister verneem dat hul groente ook moet kry. Is dit so? Ek hoor graag van jou

+ Good day. We have recently adopted the newest member of our little family, Nunu, a "pocket yorkie". It is from a legit breeder & came from a strong line with an official certificate of pedigree right up to the great grand parents. My question is, if allowed, how often should we "bath" him & what procedures should we keep in mind as well as what shampoo would you recommend? We already love him to bits, & judging from your answers here, he is very happy & healthy, but we want to take the absolute best care possible of him. Also, are there certain brands of food we should avoid? Thank you...

+ What is the standard price of a good quality, well bred, pedigreed Yorkshire Terrier. Thanks for advising, Justine

+ My Yorkie is nou 5 maande oud en het baie yl hare. Haar hare is ook nog kort. Haar kleure is baie donker. (Donkerbruin en swart). Is sy 'n red legged, of gaan die hare nog groei?

+ Good Day Marlise I was in contact with you a while ago & you gave us quite a bit of very useful information on our new 'child' & we implimented it & our baby is growing well & very lively & happy...Thanks again for that !! I do however have a small concern & need your assistance once again please. Nobody I ask can give me a definitive answer, so I decided to contact you as an expert again. Our yorkie is 10 weeks old now & we've had him for 2 weeks. He has been dewormed, innoculated, etc. We are currently feeding him XXX (as was recommended by the breeder)...Is that good or should we start introducing him slowly to XXX (pardon the spelling)? The reason I ask is because we only feed him twice daily by giving him about +- 30 pellets at a time that we soften a little with hot water, but he does between 4 & 8 number two's per night & also a couple of times during the day while at work with my wife...and it's still very runny...Is this normal or should we be concerned... He doesn't show any signs of being sick compared to how you explained he needs to look & act if he's healthy & he's a bundle of energy...We have also now introduced the training mats with the aerosol training solution you spray on it & he uses it occationally, but not always...Do you have any tips for us please? The lady at a pet shop recommended we get a box that he cant climb out of & put a training mat in there & put him in there when it seems like he wants to go & leave him until he's done & in time he'll learn & we can cut a hole in the box for him to go in & out himself...It sounds a bit crude to me, but if it will work, should we try that? It's just that we dont want him to go outside during the night without supervision because we have a pool & he sometimes wonders very close...At least until we fence the pool in, which is gonna take some months still... Your help will be much appreciated. Thank You again. Kind Regards Martin & Lucy

+ Hoe voorkom ek katgriep in my Yorkie hondjie?

+ What is the best shampoo to use for my Yorkshire Terrier puppy?

+ My yorkie tefie is baie klein en weeg 1,1kg en is 3 jaar oud. Sy kry kort kort maag aandoenings. Haar stoelgang is die afgelope tyd soms baie los en partykeer is dit net so 'n blink slym met bloed in. Dit klink ook of daar klomp wind in haar derms is partykeer. Ek bly in Upington en het haar al by die veearts gehad. Ek is baie bekommerd oor haar.

+ My Yorkie is baie vet - baie vet rolle om die lyfie. Het jy enige raad?

Yorkies moet hulle ogies oopgesny word of moet die haartjies oor die ogies hang?

Hi, I like the Yorkies with the shorter bodies, ( I'have seen the ones with the longer bodies ) Is it possible to determine this while they are puppies? Thanks Mel

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